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Most modern homes have several computers, printers, notebooks or other "smart" devices that utilize wireless or hardwired network connections to perform regular work, obtain internet access for games or to view online entertainment. This explosion in computing enabled devices has left the average home user with a sharp learning curve, one which IT Professionals spend 4 years in college to overcome.

New Technology, we get it! Computers, Networking, Wi-Fi and Smart Home devices - yes, we get that too. Call us in, let us handle the learning curve so you can sit back and relax, without the headache or the hassles.

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IT Services

Networking and related equipment includes both hard wired and wireless networking components. Internet Gateway devices, Routers, Access Points, Modems, Switches and Hubs and the connecting wires that tie them together. Very few of us actually own homes or small businesses that do not have one or more items that fall into these categories. If you are having issues dealing with your network we are here to help.

The IT Services page has more information and pricing for individual offerings.

Repair Services

Computers, Notebooks, Laptops, Netbooks and Tablets all can be considered computing devices..  All will fall prey to “Murphy’s Law of Electronics” failing to work when needed the most, threatend by malware.   Our technicians will quickly determine repairs for most common issues, including any necessary shop time needed for more serious repair efforts.

The Repair Service detail page has more information and pricing for individual offierings.

Smart Device Services

The newest and most advanced electronic items to hit our homes and business are what we lovingly call “Smart Devices” and can be the most challenging for the end user to install, configure and use.  With 12.5 million of them arriving each year, this can be daunting to say the least.  When you are thinking about upgrading to a “networked” or “connected” device, that is the time to call us.

The Smart Device Services detail page has more information and pricing for individual offierings.

Consulting Services

Are you thinking about adding video security to your home or small business? Expanding your small business and looking to upgrade or add more equipment?  Moving to a new location and needing assistance with choosing the right equipment, providers and security arrangements? Our consulting services help the client with selecting the right equipment, customized to fit the location and stated need of the client.  Let us put 20 years of experience to work for you today.

The Consulting Services detail page has more information and pricing for individual offierings.

Support Options

Custom support plans are in the works, with options for monthly fees for basic, intermediate and advanced categories. We expect to have this in operation later this year, and will send out flyers and email with details prior to official annoucement.

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