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My computer is slow and I get tons of pop up windows, can you fix it?
We can fix this problem quickly, usually in less than three hours turn around. Check our Computer Repair page for pricing options under "virus removal"..
I have never backed up my data, can you do this for me?
We can provide solutions and reccomend software or appliances based on your individual computing requirments. This usueally involves a on site assessment and can be found under Consulting Services.
Should I go with wired or wireless networking for my home?
Most computers come with a hardwired netwrok port and USB ports so the answer to this would depend on the use of the network at your location. Usually we reccoemnd a mixed network topology combining both hard wired and wireless solutions. A in home consultation would be a good starting point.
My computer will not turn on with either power button, what might be the problem?
Do not make multiple attempts to power on a non-working system. It is very dangerous to your computer and can lead to catastropic data loss as well as hardware failure. Best practice is to leave the system as is then call us for an in home estimate. Pricing for this servic e will be under Computer Repair.
I just purchased a new CCTV system, can you help me set it up for remote access?
Our technicians would be happy to assist with setting up your new equipment for remote access. Please call us to schedule an on site consultation.
What is your service area?
We service the tri-county area which includes Washington County, Multnomah County and Clackamas Couty. For those that live in neighboring areas in need of assistance, we may be able to help, based on technician availablity. After hours calls are limited to the Tri County area.
Will you have online classes, or be able to offer on site training in the future?
We are planning on offering classes, both on site and in house. For the latest news and updates on our services make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletter service. Also keep up with us on our social media accounts.

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