IT and Networking:

Information Technology (IT) - What it means, to the layman... at home and work.

Information technology as we know it relates to the equipment needed to you to shared resources and the World Wide Web. This normally will default into two separate categories of wired and wireless connected computing equipment.

The first is 'Wired Networking" and involves runs or lengths of cable or wire that connects each component together in a local area network (LAN) to a wide area network (WAN) as provided by an internet service provider (ISP). I know this is a lot of acronyms, but at least they make sense of sorts. The equipment needed to make wired networking functional includes modems, routers, switches and hubs. Routers provide basic network services, protect your LAN from intrusion and enable all your connected devices to communicate with the web.

The second is "Wireless Networking" - and from the name we know this does not use wires or cables to connect components, instead it uses radio communications technology to link devices to resources together in your LAN and provide connections to the web. The equipment uses 802.11(a)(b)(g)(n)(ac) communications technology to transfer data between each component and an access point that serves as the "base radio" or controller for the network. The access point can be found included in routers, offering consolidating your equipment to a single point of connection to the web. Individual components use built in radios or add on USB devices or cards to enable wireless connections and communicate with the router or access point.

A simple topographical map of a common mixed network:

Services Rates:

All charges are due at time of service, paid in full. We currently accept all major credit cards, money orders and cashier checks. We do not accept personal checks, nor offer payment plans for residential accounts. Small Business accounts will be billed, net 15 from date of invoice.

Wired Networking

Wired hardware installation and replacement for wired components including but not limited to Router, Switch, Interface Cards.

Labor Charges - $50.00 per hour billed in half hour increments




Wireless Networking

Hardware installation and replacement for wireless components including but not limited to Router, Access Point and Interface cards.

Labor Charges - $50.00 per hour billed in half hour increments.




Network Design, Consulting and Applications

Network design for wired and wireless equipment based on customer site construction, application restrictions and media available at time of consultation visit. Client will be provided with comprehensive report of findings, proposal and bid if applicable. All proposals / bids will be honored for 30 days from date of issuance.

Consultation Fee - $99.00 flat fee.



Network Wiring

Installation, repair and replacement of low voltage communciations (networking) wire (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6).

Labor Charges - $90.00 per hour billed in half hour increments.

Customer responable for obtaining permits when needed.




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