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Smart Devices? - What does that mean, how can I use it?

A Smart Devices is technology that can perform calculations, communicate with other devices or connect to a network for the purpose of providing information or entertainment. This can include wearable tech such as the new smart watches, health monitors and bio-feedback devices. Kitchen gadgets like smart fridges that manage your food inventory and come up with menu and recipe items to a washer and dryer set that work together to make sure your laundry stays fresh and clean longer.

I like to think of these items as "connected devices" as smart might be an overstatement for the majority of them. One thing for certain the list of such devices is growing rapidly, enough to make almost everything in your home or business show up with a display, LED readout or indicator lights that provide information to the user. All one needs to see is this poster showing off some the newest items and how they impact your day to day life. You may start hearing of "The Internet of Things" or "IoT" as it is sometimes shortend to. Either way - smart wearable and transportable devices are in the lime light now, with no immediate end in sight.

Services Rates:

All charges are due at time of service, paid in full. We currently accept all major credit cards, money orders and cashier checks. We do not accept personal checks, nor offer payment plans for residential accounts. Small Business accounts will be billed, net 15 from date of invoice.

Technology Assesment

This is our first look into your current technology platform, to build a baseline and determine what will work and what needs to be upgraded. A brief will be supplied to the client along with a proposal outlining the needs of the current technology. This is a very handy report that will go a long way to making sure your next purchases will be informed.

Consultation fee of $99.00 applies to appointment.




Smart Device Integration

Installation of smart device upgrades, new equipment unboxing and setup as well as interconnection to network and internet as needed.

Labor charges - $ 50.00 per hour, one hour minimum appointment.




Familiarization Training

Our chance to showcase your new gadgets and tutor on features and use. This is optional, and as such will be offered as an add on service to Integration.

Training / Support Fee - $99.00 on time charge.




Structured Wiring

Installation, upgrade and replacement of low voltage communications (networking) wire (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6) and similar wires needed to support Smart Devices.

Labor Charges - $90.00 per hour billed in half hour increments.

Customer responsible for obtaining permits when needed.




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