Support Options:

We are currently evaluating the profitability of support contracts to provide customers with a more cost effective solution against frequent service charges. The proposed levels of support are as follows:

Basic - unlimited phone support, 1 on site visit per month and free yearly cleaning.

Intermediate - includes :basic' options, adds i additional on site visit and provides 3 remote assistance tickets per month.

Advanced - includes both basic and intermediate options, changes on site visits to 1 per week, adds remote assistance at no cost.

Pricing and contract terms are under review, we expect to have them ready to implement by the third quarter this year. Early adopters (beta testers) will be recruited in August, for a 30 day trial event. Afterwards they will receive a 6 month free pas to Advanced Care at no cost as a token of our appreciation for their assistance.

Please feel free to comment on our Facebook or Twitter sites, we are looking for positive input.

Charles Hedricks

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